Royal Safe

Why Rent a Safe Deposit Box?

  • Slow down in economy with a proportionate increase in crime rate
    • Influx of illegal immigrants
    • Corresponding increase in crime rate i.e House Break ins
  • Jewelry, documents, family heirlooms & other irreplaceable items are too valuable to store at home
  • A safe deposit box is resistant to theft, fire and water ingress
  • The contents of a safe deposit box are insured*
  • Central location for storage of a will & important personal docs in the event of the determination of an estate
  • The enjoyment of peace of mind especially when you are away or "Balik Kampong"

Why Royal Safe Deposit Boxes?

  • Guaranteed Absolute Confidentiality & Security
  • Open 9am to 11pm daily, 365 days a year (incl all public holidays).
  • 24 hours Fully Trained Security Guards.
  • Purpose Built Vaulting System.
    • Using Reinforced Concrete, BRCs & Steel on all 6 sides, including floor & ceiling.
    • 14" Walls all round, 24" Flooring with 12" Ceiling (Bomb Proof).
    • Additional Bunker wall to prevent any possibility of a hand grenade (Bomb) being hurled in.
    • Bullet proof glass for safety of staff (5.56mm caliber ie M16.
    • Independent Clean Dry Agent Fire Fighting System.
    • 5 Interlocking, electronically and manually controlled doors before one can access ones SDB .
  • Dual key/Dual Lock System - Requiring simultaneous insertion of keys by renter & an employee of RSDB to access the SDB.
  • Additional Insurance over & above of that provided by RSDB is available.
  • Strategic Location & Convenient Access Times to Your Valuables.
  • Affordable Rental Rates.
  • Preferred Parking for our Clients.
  • For Safety & Security our door is only 10 ft away from the Car Park.

Our Facility:

  • The construction of the vault with minimum USA standards cost us RM1 million.
  • Our centre is located in our own building and not in one which is rented.
  • In a rented building there is a chance of Lease being terminated, clients would then be forced to remove their belongings causing inconvenience and exposed to danger.
  • All our boxes are brand new; we do not use 2nd hand boxes. All our keys carry the original seal from ChubbSafes.

Royal Safe

No more than 6,000 boxes/Branch.

  • Congestion - Will become too congested, resulting in too long a waiting time for customers to enter into SDB to have access to their boxes, especially during holidays and festive seasons.

  • Convenience - Customers able to transfer to a new, more convenient branch without charge

Security Features

  • 24 hours Armed Security Guards.
  • Biometrics Access - Finger Print upon main access and before entrance to vault.
  • Photograph Identification.
  • Signature Verification.
  • CCTVs.
  • Sound and Light Detectors.
  • Motion Detectors.
  • Wall Guards.
  • Embedded Alarm System.
  • Spot Lights front and rear.
  • External Siren c/w Strobe Light.
  • Internal Siren.
  • Vibration Sensor.
  • DVR - Up to 1 year of recording History
  • Panic Buttons, CMS & 24 Hours World Wide Remote Viewing via Lap Top & Hand Phone

Royal Safe

We avoid shopping complexes for the following reasons:

  • Safety of clients - walking back too far a distance from the Safe Deposit Box Centre to their cars parked in the car park

  • Danger of being mugged in the lift, staircase or while walking back to the car or even in the Car park

  • Impossible to reinforce the floor and ceiling of the vault/strong room.
    If reinforced without proper piling/foundation,(which is not possible in existing complexes) danger of collapsing due to excessive weight

  • No control over occupants and happenings on top & bottom floor

  • A SDB in a shopping complex's opening hours are dictated by the opening and closing hours of the complex.