Why Gold?

Gold has a 5,000-year history as a long-term store of wealth

There is always a ready and liquid market for gold. Even during the financial crisis when the market other securities just dried up you could buy and sell your gold with ease.

Gold can protect you from nuclear radiation. It is commonly known that lead can protect humans from gamma rays. Gold does the same but even better than lead as long as you have enough of it. 

Gold is safer. Stealing volumes of the metal can be surprisingly hard. The industry standard 400-ounce gold bar, worth a little more than $500,000 each at the time of writing, is particularly unwieldy to move. If you are in any doubt take a visit to a friendly gold vault and ask to lift one such bar.  To abscond with a haul of $5 million you would need to move 10 such ingots, which would be time-consuming for the thief.

You can wear gold as jewellery

Gold is a superb electrical conductor, which is why it is used in electronics for space travel.

Gold has never been out of fashion.

You do not need a web connection to use your gold

Gold never tarnishes even when it has been languishing on the ocean floor for hundreds of years. Never. 

Gold is an aphrodisiac. I have seen champagne served with gold leaf in it and burgers sprinkled with gold flakes on top.